Not able to make it to one of our locations? Try our Sell Your Device Services. Start by filling in the information below.

  • Fill Out Sell Form

    Upon receiving your electronic device, one of our experienced technicians will conduct a preliminary inspection on your device, and contact you immediately with confirmation of Sell Request and go over the prices with you.

  • Ship Your Device To Us

    808 Wall St Suite # 7E
    Los Angeles, Ca 90014
    Phone: 213-628-3034

    * Include the form in the package. We recommend getting both insurance and tracking.

  • We will handle the rest

    • We will send you an email with confirmation
    • You will get an order number from us
    • We will inspect the device as quickly as possible
    • We will provide payment within 3 business days after receiving the product by check.

Please include this completed form in the package with your device for Sell