Liability, Warranty & Waiver


From outside we can only assume the problem but without a diagnosis we cannot discover the detail problem of the phone. Some phones symptom shows after the phone physically open (i.e.any other component or parts need to be replaced or not). The phone that don’t turn on, Frame damaged or liquid damaged will not cover our parts orservice warranty. After the repair if the phone is damaged due to a drop, physical damaged or liquid damaged then our warranty will be voided and will not cover the parts and service anymore. We only perform phone hardware parts and service. We don’t diagnose your software & data and we will not be responsible any of your software and data problem during and after the service.The customer must provide paid purchased receipt for warranty.

All our parts and repair services come with__________ days warranty.

Our highly experience technicians are very cautious while repairing your device; however, if there is something unknown occur and phone does not work properly then we need 72 hours to fix the problem. After 72 hours if we can’t fix the problem then we will cover phone insurance deductible or a similar used phone’s after market value. In both case you must deduct your repair cost. Further, in signing below, you agree to release, indemnity, and hold harmless the Company from any installation services performed on the device. By signing below, you agree not to take any legal action in any forum against the Company.

I certify that I am the owner of the phone described in the document. In the event that I am found not to be the true owner of this phone, I assume all liability for any claim made as the result of the repair services rendered by the company, including those claims which assert negligence on the part of The Company.

I understand the Company does not assume any liability or warranty the manufacturer warranties are voided. All diagnostic, repair service and sales are final and non-refundable. The diagnostic fee flat $39.99 will be waived when you repair with ours company.